Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts CBSE School


– Henry David Thorean.
In today’s scenario,the meaning of the word ’Education’ has greatly evolved. A school which once comprised of classrooms, blackboards, books ,chalks and dusters no more attract or workout on today’s children.
Going down the memory lane, as a teacher I could constantly sense something missing and incomplete in the chalk and board method of teaching. A school plays a vital role in shaping the all round personality of its students. I strongly felt the need for a change. A change in the method of teaching and learning as well. Careful studies, observations and experimentation of certain activities on various students finally gave the answer to all my questions.
‘ Education’ is not just learning and passing. In a broader view Education actually means to Explore, Engage, Experience, Enquire, Enrich oneself with knowledge and finally Emerge as a complete human being. How can one confine this vast and enormous world into a compact book and live, enthusiastic and growing child inside the four walls of a classroom?
Education must have a broader perspective. There must be a holistic approach with a blend of scholastic and co-scholastic areas of learning. ‘Learn to Do’ must change to ‘Do to Learn’.
It was then our General Secretary Mr.Jitendra Mandlecha Sir who came up with the idea to start the CBSE Section in our school. This gave a shape to the thought and wings to my vision. This opened the gate to a new dimension in teaching and learning. Embracing CBSE Syllabus greatly helped design Competency Based learning activities.
Our aim is to provide a friendly and student centric environment which can help identify the talents and abilities of the students, encourage them and nurture them. We must imbibe values in them and guide them in such a way that when they pass out, they emerge as confident, matured and responsible adult individuals who can contribute to the society.
In order to achieve this, it is essential to constantly motivate as well as upgrade our team of teachers who can become professionals in creating conducive classrooms and add the flavour of fun to learning. Its the right time to use the quote- ‘ Teach while you Learn and Learn while you Teach’.
With the back support of our school management and our General Secretary on one side and enthusiastic and dedicated teachers on the other, scaling new heights is not too hard and the destination of success is not too far.
“Together we can build new roads that can lead to a healthy, happy and a better world.”
Mrs.Lakshmi Iyer.