AFAC Primary English School

Mrs. Sandra Noronha

I am glad to inform you that our school is now more than 50 years old and we celebrated the golden jubilee in 2014. Our school started in the year 1964 with just 51 students comprising two classes, one of K.G. and the other std. V. We got our first recognition in the year 1965 from the B.M.C. That planted seed is now a big banyan tree. Since then, many precious gems have put in their dedicated hard work and nourished the Primary Section of the English Medium. Some of them whom we cherish in our memories are Mrs. Pinto – our first headmistress, Mrs. Kunda Gupte, Mrs. Cynthia D’souza, Mrs. Mohan, Mrs. Thampi, Mrs. Adithyan, Mrs.Gomathi, Mrs. Daisy D’souza, Mrs.Philu D’Souza, Mrs. Rajini Fernandes and Mrs. Adriana D’mello.
Following the footsteps of these teachers, we have shown remarkable progress in various activities. After crossing many milestones and successfully completing ‘Five Glorious Decades’, now standing at this golden moment, it gives me immense pleasure to look back at our achievements and the people who are responsible to add many colorful feathers to our crown.
We, at AFAC Primary English Medium, have been nurturing our children for multidimensional development, thus giving equal importance to academics as well as extra-curricular activities. This has enabled us to open the doors to a wide variety of achievements. Many in-house competitions like coloring, drawing, handwriting, essay writing, fancy dress, recitation, best out of waste, etc. are conducted every year and the winners are felicitated. Balsabha programmes, a celebration of festivals, day-long picnics, etc are some of the highlights of our activities. We also conduct ‘Haldi Kumkum” for our parents. We conduct ‘Navneet Drawing Competition’ and ‘Camlin Colour Contest’ at our school in which many children win prizes. Our teachers train the students of std IV for the Middle School Scholarship Exams and produce 100% result every year. Shivani Kulkarni, Nirmal Kumar, Hafsa Shaikh, and Dilip Teli are some of the laurels who came in the Merit list. Our children take part in the various ‘M’-ward level inter-school competitions conducted by the Education Department and win many prizes. In order to inculcate sound mind and sound body, regular yoga classes are conducted for the students by well-trained yoga teacher Mrs. Seema Shukla & her group. Sports events are conducted every year in the month of December in which children participate with great sportsmanship. Regular Dental and Eye check-ups are conducted by leading doctors. Annual day held in the month of January every year is the center of attraction of our activities. Great enthusiasm and hard work of our teachers help to put up the variety of innovative cultural programmes which showcases the talents of our students. The rapid growth of technology has made us realize that we need to introduce modern teaching methods apart from classroom teaching. This has resulted in a well planned Computer Education and E-learning where the lessons are being taught in Audio-Visual mode. The timely guidance and support by the management, the coordination, and co-operation among the teaching and non-teaching staff and the support given by the parents are the keys to our success to this extent. My journey started in this institution in 1989 as an Asst. Teacher and later as the H.M. from 2010. I am quite happy to note that I received the prestigious ‘Mayor’s Award 2014’. Today I am proud to say that we are standing as a renowned institution. But we shall definitely not be complacent and strive to go higher and higher. With best wishes to one and all and looking forward to another promising decade of achievements….